Sunday, March 8, 2009

How do you know it's almost spring?

Most people think spring rains, the crocus popping their little heads out of the ground, the birds returning...but not in our house! My partner, Bob and I think... TROUT SEASON! It begins April 1st here in Michigan-catch and release fly only until April 30th. A sure sign that spring is on it's way is when we bring out all the "trout stuff" and start going thru our fly boxes! Like a couple of kids dreaming of sugarplums dancing in their heads-we get almost giddy thinking of wooly buggers, copper johns, blue winged olives, caddis nymphs-oh it makes a girls head swim! We went to Bass Pro Shops today to spend our Christmas gift from Bob's sister-here's some of the lovely things we got!
OK-maybe it's not what you dream about-but it's a sure sign of spring for me!

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