Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Finds No.3

Welcome spring! To celebrate spring let's look at three Etsy shops today! gifteddesigns is our first featured shop today! Shannon tells us that she is a 32 year young Montrealer who discovered Jewelry Design last June. I wouldn't be able to tell you how I made the jump into Jewelry Design if I tried...*lol* All I can tell you is that my best-friend in the world introduced me to Etsy and initially, I was thinking of starting a shop featuring paper goods...*lol* My shop name came to me in a dream where I was in an actual store selling said paper goods. Somewhere along the way, I found some incredible Etsy jewelry designers, bought some of their pieces and started buying beads to make my own and the rest is history! BTW, I'm still thinking of having paper goods...;) Some of the other places you can find her at are: BLOG: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: FLICKR: BYHAND: DEVIANTART: For those of you who speak French: Je suis bilingue. Il me ferais plaisir de vous répondre et vous servir en français...:) Here's one of her favorite items in her shop "Charmony."

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  1. I can't believe I never commented on this!

    Thank you very much!


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