Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekly BESTeam Feature


One of the things I most admire is lampwork beads. I love watching them being made. There was a little gallery on Jay Street in Schenectady, New York that I would stop in everytime I was in the area-just to watch one of the artisans there make lampwork beads. The gallery was set up so that you could watch her thru a window-literally inches away from her work bench.  Sometimes I wondered if they didn't have to clean the windows from my nose smudges after I left... I was that mesemerized.

I've got that same feeling looking at lightkeepings work... but this time I'm smudging up my computer screen!
I absolutely love the bright beads Anastasija uses in her designs. One of the hardest things for me as an artisan is to find just "exactly" the combination of colors that I want to put together. I sometimes spend hours looking thru my bead stash looking for that "perfect" combination. In the Hop on the Rainbow Bracelet take a look at the choice of on in my view!

I also really love the combinations of turquoise in the Day on the Beach Set it's that turquoise color again-one of my favorites!

I hope you check out  Lightkeepings shop, it's full of delightful finds!

You can also keep up with her here..and do me a favor let her know how you found her.

Thanks so much!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buy Michigan Now Festival

I hope if you're in the Northville, Michigan area on Sunday August 8th you will stop by and say hello. I'll be showing and selling (Hopefully!) my jewelry at the  "Style Sunday in Northville Square" as part  of the BuyMichiganNowFest.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly BESTeam feature


There are times when you just feel a certain  connection to another Etsy shop. This is how I feel about cksilver. Everything about this shop I like. From the time you step into the door of  their shop, Marilyn and Cindy, a mother-daughter team, set the tone of their shop. Classic, Balanced, Elegant.

From a simple swirl ring, to a beautiful lapis and silver bracelet,  their creations are exquisite. Can't decide on just one thing or want a gift that keeps giving? How about trying out their Jewelry of the Month Club! What a great idea. Can't decide on something right now? They offer gift certificates too!

I really think you'll enjoy browsing through their shop. The style and tone really speaks to me, why don't you let me know what treasures you have found.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekly BESTeam feature



This weeks features shop is shopsealedwithakiss. From adorable felted hair clips, word magnet strips, to sassy childrens's hats, Zoe makes a variety of cute things! I think she gets her creativity from her genes...

~ My sister's store:
~ My grandmother's store:
~ My mom's store:
~ My dad's store:

You can follow her blog at:
By the way, why don't you wish her a "Happy Birthday!" in the comments...she just celebrated another birthday on July 11th!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly BESTeam Feature


One of the hot color trends for 2010 is turquoise. In the BESTeam members shop, Nevita I found some beautiful things in turquoise! I love the Summer Tunic, the three piece set comes complete with a matching head scarf and belt! Great for a loose summer cover-up on the beach. And how amazing would it look over a summery white dress? On the same theme, if a tunic is a bit too much for you, how about adding a  little turquoise into your wardrobe with a beautiful scarf or this fun fiber necklace?  There is plenty more to be found in her shop, including these cute crocheted earrings.

Coming from Sofia, Bulgaria these creations do have a european flair for design! There are many more colors and choices in her well stocked shop. Also, take a minute to check out her hand knit and crocheted items.

Want to know more about Nevita? You can follow her at these spots:

Hope all of you are enjoying all the new shops I've been featuring weekly. It's been a great learning experience for me and I hope it opens your eyes to some new talents. I'd love to hear your feedback, so leave me a comment when you stop by! If there's is something you like to find out more about I'd love to hear what you're thinking about!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Spicy Watermelon Salad

Ready for a change this summer? Why don't you try one of my favorite recipes, Spicy Watermelon Salad!.

Sweet, spicy and citrusy, this  cool salad is a perfect summer side dish.

Stir together in a small bowl:
   1 tsp chili powder
   1/2 tsp. salt-or to taste
   1/2 tsp. red chili pepper flakes

In a large bowl, put in:
   6 cups seedless watermelon chunks( about 1/2-1 inch)
  1/2 medium red onion, diced
   1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely minced
   3 Tblsp. fresh lime juice
   2 Tblsp. chopped fresh cilantro

Sprinkle with the spice mixture, toss lightly and chill. Serves 4-6.