Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly BESTeam feature

I love lampwork beads, I've always admired artisans who have the talent and patience to work with tiny rods and bits of glass and turn them into beautiful creations. I remember staring thru the glass of a gallery in New York just mesmerized by the beauty and skill of the artist as I watched her work. Now I feel like I'm peeking into another shop of a fabulously talented artisan,  Anastasjia, from Ireland.

Aqua blue artisan lampwork bracelet and earrings set Step into my Garden

There were flowers: delphiniums, sweat peas, bunches of lilac; and carnations, masses of carnations. There were roses; there were irises. Ah yes!

Isn't this a delightful bouquet of flowers to be wearing! It takes my breathe away at the intricate lampwork of the flowers on the beads of the bracelet. 

Why don't you check out all the other beautiful creations at Lightkeeping.

If you would like to follow her here's some places to find her:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekly BESTeam feature


ok, i admit it, im a sucker for cute kids pictures. ive got to get me a couple to model some of my things. how can you resist these faces modelling your items. miss jess has a couple of cuties working for her.

You've got to like a girl who like to do things her way. On her blog it says it's the mundane adventures of miss jess-well I find her adventures anything but mundane! You'll have to pop on over to her site to find out what she's been up to lately, but let's just say you'll be be having something common with her when you read this post if i were a boy!

But I digress, what I really want you to do is take a look at her shop. With a cute array of items, ranging from  all sorts of headbands to this adorable boy's bib, you owe it to yourself to take a look her shop.

Here's where you can find her:


Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekly BESTeam feature


Whether you're looking for something darling to buy, or fabric to create your own darling design, this shop is one you should check out!

Take a look at this adorable necktie onesie! With Fathers Day fast approaching, couldn't you just imagine the great father son pictures that could be had with this outfit! How cute.

And for the little girl in your life...

These bloomers could be customized in colors and fonts for any little darling!

Being a fellow accountant, I can appreciate how busy life gets-especially in tax season. Creating gives us a way to channel our energies into other venues. You will have to check out her shop to see all the other darling designs she has for everyone.

You can find out more about darlingDanDeDesigns on her blog:

Have a great day! Leave me a comment, and let me know what great items you have found.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goodbye Ernie

It just hurts saying goodbye. Even if you never met the man, if you grew up in Michigan in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and into this century you were touched by this man's voice. Ernie Harwell's voice was a soothing, southern drawl, that called the Detroit Tigers games for more than 40 years. He was an anouncer's announcer.

I wasn't that great of a Tiger fan, just a fringe one. I grew up in the era of Al Kaline, Mickey Lolich, Norm Cash, Gates Brown and Willie Horton. I saw the Bird, the late Mark Frydrich, and watched Denny McClain,  Kirk Gibson, Dave Rozema, and Alan Trammell. These were the players of my youth, and like everyone I heard the games called on WJR by Ernie Harwell. I can remember a time when I moved away from Michigan-far away to southern Florida-I can remember being able to tune in to the "Great Voice of the Great Lakes" station and hear the baseball games at night.-Oh the reception was a bit scratchy, but the familiar voice of Ernie Harwell was as comforting then as a parents voice. It was a voice from home.

Now the voice is silenced.

No one lives forever. At 92, and diagnosed with bile cancer, Ernie knew his time on this earth was limited. He had a great faith and leaves behind his beloved wife of 68 years, Lulu. To all of those who he touched, he leaves us behind too. We thought of him as family, we took him with us up north, to work, on vacation, into our homes and backyard picnics. We will miss him.

Weekly BESTeam Feature


This weeks BEST team member I'm featuring is the Etsy shop of Taylor House Designs. I admire those people who have an eye for style and are savvy shoppers who share their finds with us. Chaucee is one of those people!

Take a look at this Vintage Harve Benard Belt. Classic, absolutely stunning.


Here's another great example of some of the wonderful accessories  found in her shop. A beautiful, classic, Vintage Green Purse.

If you want to find out more about Taylor House Designs, I suggest you check out her blog. Full of gift guides and give aways, It's a blog I recommend following. I'm going to follow and I can't wait to see more of her recommendations and finds!