Sunday, April 5, 2009

Michigan Trolls Etsy Team in Ann Arbor

If you were in Ann Arbor today and were hanging around Zingermans Deli, don't be confused if someone asked you if you were a "troll!" The Etsy Team Michigan Trolls met today to have lunch and to look at the Ann Arbor Artisans market. It was nice to meet some of the trolls including cbspolyworks,plantelady,its4u,blingismything, Oh I missed one more troll! Somebody help me out! LOL It was a chilly day but I think we agree it would be nice to set up and become vendors at the artisans market. We talked to many of the vendors there, looked at their displays, and had a great time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Finds No.11-StitchesOfThePast

I can't believe the great young talent there is on Etsy. Here's another unique example, StitchesOfThePast. I'm 13 year old seamstress I started sewing at the age of 4. I enjoy making historical and modern clothes. I mainly focus on women, chilren and babies' clothing. Can you believe this is the work of a 13 year old seamstress? I had to do a double take! Period reenacting is popular here in Michigan. I'm going to be sure to pass her shop on to some of my friends who are interested in this. But if you have a baby-or know someone is has one this baby cap is a classic! It's Brooke's favorite-and mine too! You can also find her here. I hope you are enjoying all these talents that I've been showcasing on my blog!

Friday Finds No.10-MDKnits

I love the idea of this shop- a mother/daughter team! Here's their profile: We are a mother and daughter team who LOVE to knit and do crafts after dinner everyday while watching t.v. My mom is a full time professor at a state college, while I just graduated with my Bachelor's of Music and I am currently waiting for graduate school to start in the fall. My mom is like my best friend. Since we knit every day, we end up knitting a ton of things! You can only wear so many scarves at one time ;) We found Etsy, love the atmosphere, and decided to stay! We both hope you love our creations as much as we do. We have things for knitters and knitter lovers alike ^_^. I really like these you could use them for either dishcloths or facecloths! Emilee's blog is : (i'm the daughter :)

Friday Finds No.9-TashinaFalene

Wow! I've had such a great response to my request for "Friday Finds" that I may never run out of Etsy shops to share with you. Remember, to get you shop featured on my "Friday Finds" the only requirement is that you have 10 sales or less when you request to be featured-that's it! I hope all of you are checking out these finds. There have been some great artisans featured. It sure has given me some gift ideas! My first find tonight is TashinaFalene I can hardly believe this artisan is only 17! Here's her bio: I'm Tashina, I'm 17 and I live in the mountains of Northern Virginia. I started creating jewelry at the age of 13 and couldn't get myself to stop. I've recently started selling my piece online, but have been successful at local craft shows and fairs for almost a year now. When I have free time, I also love to write and read. I hope to be a published author someday, but still do jewelry designing. One of her favorite pieces in her shop is this Howlite Necklace. You can find more of her designs here: My blog: My Twitter: My Flickr:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Opening Day 2009

We're back from the river-I beautiful trout opener. It was fairly decent early this morning-no wind a little overcast-a good day for fishing. I didn't have much luck, but Bob, my significant other had some by the look of the trout he caught and released!
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