Saturday, March 28, 2009

First crocus

Don't you just love the first crocus that pops up in your garden? A couple of these cheery little flowers popped up today! Hope they didn't listen to to weather forecast for a little snow. It makes me happy to see these little harbingers of Spring. The long dreary days of winter should soon be leaving. Time to take stock of our lives, put aside those grudges and gripes we've been harboring. Time to freshen up our outlooks. Life not going as planned?...well look at these happy flowers-that remind me that after darkness, light. Unhappy about the sales in your shops-well maybe it's time for some spring cleaning! Take stock of what you enjoy doing, sales will follow. Time to refresh the look? maybe a new banner, a change in prices, better pictures? Have someone new take a look and give some suggestions. A pair of fresh eyes may see things you don't notice! Are you doing enough to promote? How about posting a suggestion here for everyone to share? We'll soon have a whole garden of happy little flowers!
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  1. Wonderful pictures! Your flowers are so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing these!


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