Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Finds No. 4

PolkaDotPoppy-isn't that a great name-is my fourth Friday find! Her In Orbit Earrings are one of her favorite pieces in her shop. I think the colors of them are just -well out of this world! I am a SAHM with three kids ranging from 11 to 7. I am currently homeschooling all three of them. This makes creative time sometimes hard to find but I am loving all of it. As seen in my shop sometimes, in order to fit in some creating time I have to let the kids join me in my craft room. All three of the kids love creating their own masterpieces. I love working with any and all materials. I love using components that allow me to create beautiful pieces that are very affordable. But I also love using gemstones and sterling silver. I love creating pieces. When you start with a pile of beads and some metal and get an end result of something beautiful that you made, the feeling is magical. Be sure to check out Jake and Zach's creations too!

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