Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly BESTeam FEature


Hey there! This week's feature is a fellow Michigander or is it Michiganian?  Wayfaringmagnolia just opened her latest Etsy shop and she's busy making sales! That means shes got cute things at great prices.

Her shop has some very interesting things. I really like this vintage brooch:

If you like browsing thru vintage items, or are interested in some hand made prints, head on over to  to Wayfaringmagnolia's shop. Amanda's a crafty person, I love her description of being a professional musician/gypsy...that sounds like a great life!

I'm a big supporter of buying from and supporting fellow Michigan shops. So I hope you will stop by her shop and browse around., Oh yeah, don't forgot to put a couple of items in your shopping cart!

Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly BESTeam Feature


What does an engineer do when she decides she does not want to work as an engineer? She gives in to her lifelong love of all things creative and makes some cute stuff.It's been a while since I last visited Loveelycia, but I see that she still up to creating all sorts of very cute items!

Whether you're looking for something vintage, like the orange creamsicle dress or something very cute like one of her series of Every Girl has a Story drawings, there is something new and refreshing to explore in her shop.
I hope you get a chance to stop by and visit-you'll never know what you might find, but I bet you will have a great time exploring!
Do be sure to let her know how you found her. You can also find out more:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly BESTeam feature


I hope you'll agree with me that this weeks featured shop was worth the wait. I was sooo happy when I found out that I was going to feature Waterwaif this week. I just love her shop. Her photos are outstanding. Maybe she will share her secrets with us about how to take such wonderful pictures!

It's been so hot and muggy in Michigan this week, I'm looking forward to the crisp cool days of autumn. They'll be here before you know it.Couldn't you just imagine wearing several of these beauties this fall? I'd hurry over to her shop, because before you know it you'll be wanting them to wear. Just imagine going to pick apples and having a cup of fresh apple cider and doughnuts wearing these jonquil yellow earrings?

Can't quite give up your summer days yet? Add these orange shell chandelier earrings to your wardrobe!

You also need to be sure to check out her blog:
And I love being a follower of her facebook page-It's full of links to her latest features and giveaways! can also follow her on twitter:

I want to leave you with a few words from her shop,
“for whatever we lose
(like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves
we find in the sea”
~e.e. cummings

Enjoy your week, go find yourself a treasure.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly BESTeam Feature


I've really been seeing blue lately, must be that I've been hanging around the shop of  TurquoiseAngel! I'm visiting my favorite 3 year old this week-and we've been looking at all the wonderful tutus in this shop! It's enough to make a young girls head swoon! Good thing I got a few sales so far this week, looks like I'm going to be making some purchases myself

What little girl wouldn't be thrilled with one of these beautiful creations? You know I'm partial to this one, The Dream Angel Tutu, in Turquoise-of course!

But there are plenty of things in this shop besides tutus. Go see for yourself!