Friday, February 20, 2009

Sneak Attack!

Whew! That was fun! If you hang out in the Etsy forums long enough you keep hearing about a sneak attack. A bunch of crazy kamikaze shoppers, rogue buyers...what the heck is a sneak attack anyway? From the Handmademovement blog...Three days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announced on this site. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop! Want to join in? I bet you do! Read on... A relatively new shop with few sales is "targeted" by a group of seasoned Etsy sellers. Today's attack was sponsored by HappyCloudMoments.

Who's behind all this?

Actually, a lot of people are! The success of this site and the Sneak Attack is are thanks to a lot of different people who are happy to help make someone's day! Michael Phipps originated the Sneak Attack idea. He ties everything together and maintains the site.

Michael is an artist by profession. As part of that he sells artistic t-shirts on his site and his Etsy shop PhippsArt. His art blog can be found at See his illustration work at

Well today I had to try it for myself-what a lot of fun. This afternoon we "attacked this shop HappyElephantDesigns! This is what I got! A darling birthday card...just in time for an upcoming birthday! I hope you try out the "sneak attack" too. It gives a boost of confidence to sellers, and a sense of satisfaction for the attackers. You've heard of random acts of go out and do it!


  1. Thank you for blogging about the sneak attack! Glad you joined us and it was a lot of fun!

  2. This sounds awesome...what a wonderful idea!!

  3. Love the blog about my sneak attack Fish Princess Design! It was so unexpected and a welcome surprise (after I got my heart rate down!!) :)

    I hope you enjoy my card, and don't forget to think of me if you need a new one!

    Happy Elephant Designs

  4. This is AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you for posting this I am going to spread the word!!