Monday, February 2, 2009

Jury duty

That dreaded letter came to my home a couple of weeks ago "You have been summoned to jury duty." I thought, oh great-I'm busy at the office, it's winter, I want to work on building up my Etsy business-and now this. Who's got time for jury duty. I considered asking for a postponement-could I be so lucky as to just get out of it? But then, I decided I would go and find out what this was all about. This morning I filed out of the house and down to the county court building-along with about 200 other potential jurors. I was surprised by the number of people called into service-and it struck me that it was a pretty diverse group of people. We were given a short orientation and a video to watch-so far not so bad. Then the waiting began, I waited and waited, and waited and waited..... About half the jury pool had been called. At lunchtime about half of us remaining got dismissed. Now I feel a little left out. I realize that jury duty isn't something everyone jumps in joy to do, but it is our civic duty to do. I never did make it on to a jury-but next time if you get called to serve be proud of the fact that YOU are participating in the process.

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  1. If I weren't a stay at home mom of two, I think jury duty would be totally fascinating. Especially if it was some crazy thing that went to trial.


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