Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Finds No.11-StitchesOfThePast

I can't believe the great young talent there is on Etsy. Here's another unique example, StitchesOfThePast. I'm 13 year old seamstress I started sewing at the age of 4. I enjoy making historical and modern clothes. I mainly focus on women, chilren and babies' clothing. Can you believe this is the work of a 13 year old seamstress? I had to do a double take! Period reenacting is popular here in Michigan. I'm going to be sure to pass her shop on to some of my friends who are interested in this. But if you have a baby-or know someone is has one this baby cap is a classic! It's Brooke's favorite-and mine too! You can also find her here. I hope you are enjoying all these talents that I've been showcasing on my blog!

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