Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pin it and win it!

Just when you're feeling like nothing is going your way. BAM! Something good comes along! Life's funny that way. My artfire studio  has been just languishing in January, I've been working hard on promoting, spending way to much time on Facebook, but I haven't been able to shake the January doldrums. Maybe it's the weather, or economy. Anyway, I haven't worried about it too much. I figure time has a way of evening out things-just like in life. At least I been busy taking some new soldering classes and being able to create a lot of new items!

Well Artfire started a new promotion-Pin it and win it.  What's Pin it? Well If you haven't heard about Pinterest yet you will soon. Think of it as a virtual scrapbook-anything you can see online you can pin, recipes, inspirations, pets, people, places, things, flowers, wedding ideas, cookies, holidays, Valentines, Christmas ,New Years, Easter, ......Oh it does get crazy and addictive! See how easy it is to get side-tracked...Well Artfire has jumped on to the Pinterest bandwagon to. To get Artfire members using Pintrest, that came up with a promotion, first Artfire members would tweet or post on facebook an item from their studio that they would like Artfire to promote, then Artfire would randomly select one of those items  and put it on the Artfire pin board. Members of Pinterest would (hopefully) repin the item and at the end of the week Artfire would buy it for one of the repinners. So have I confused and lost you? The details can be seen in this forum posting. "Pin it and win it!".

For the first item in this promotion my Sea Glass Bracelet was chosen! Not too bad, considering I only tweeted it and posted about it once. It is my lucky day!

So if you are on Pinterest here's the link to the Artfire board.  Maybe you'll be the lucky person that wins this! Anyway, be sure to check out Pinterest. it's fun, and oh gives you another excuse to stay up to 3 in morning!

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