Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first Etsy Sale!

It's time to celebrate! My first etsy sale today! What a feeling to finally break thru! Seems like I've learned so much in the 5 weeks that I've been listing items. From learning how to take and edit better pictures, learning all about forums, chats, blogs, teams, twitter, flickr-the list is endless! sometimes my head is spinning! I need some time to create too! I've been learning to prioritize-I try to keep up with a limited number of blogs every day-would love to read more-and I usually do on the weekends. during the week I try to spend a little time in the forums and chat rooms-they are a wealth of information. If you haven't spent much time in them I suggest you check out the forums-if you have a question, people have answers! Forums are a good place to test out your ideas, and get critiques on your items.

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